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Saint's Story.

Hi, I’m Ashlea!


I love kindness and I think memes are hilarious. This is the story of my (your future) soap!

Growing up I’ve always found joy and comfort in fictional worlds, art, music and history and yearned to be able to experience as much of them as I could. As the years have gone on I have found different ways to do that. Playing video games, visiting museums, music, cosplaying, studying history and art.

The name "Saint's Soaps" came about from my online user name "Saint-Vire" which is inspired by a Georgette Heyer novel and also the idea of saints and their acts of kindness.

While running Saint's Soaps I am also studying a degree in Visual Culture and recording and streaming on YouTube, TikTok and Twitch. I love day dreaming and sharing laughs and smiles with others.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure and feel free to stop by on my social medias to see what I'm up to, or even to just say hi!

- Ashlea :)

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