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My name is Anna, and I’m an artist/cosplayer from Melbourne, Australia! I spend most of my time drawing, playing video games, cooking and crying over my cosplays. I love cosplaying big, beautiful women so Zarya is one of my favourites! She was kind of a nightmare to make - I made both her and my partner’s Genji costume while also finishing my final year at uni, but it was totally worth it! I hope to make a couple more of her skins one day!

Featured in:

"From Russia with Love" soap video.

PAX AUS 2018 video.

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NightCur Creations

NightCur Creations is a Sydney-based cosplayer with a passion for foam and fabric alike. You'll most likely find them either playing video games, or crunching on their next convention costume.

Featured in:

PAX AUS 2018 video.

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What’s up everyone! My name is Andrea and you can find me on YouTube where I get my friends (K-fan and Non-K-fan) to react to all things K-Pop. You can also find drama Reviews, where I breakdown and dig deep into all things Kdrama to help you answer that golden question “Is this drama worth binge watching?” and last but not least you can also find music videos that I’ve created to some of those K-Pop songs you love!

Featured in:

"Trespass" soap.

MONSTA X Soap video.

Valentine's Day / EXO themed soap video.

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